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Since 1975, the North Central RC&D has successfully balanced rural community development with environmental protection for the people in Campbell, Walworth, Potter, Sully, Stanley, Hughes, Hyde, and Lyman counties and throughout the state of South Dakota.

The North Central RC&D council is a cooperative effort by private citizens, local organizations and government officials, along with state and federal agency representatives to recognize the environmental, social, and economic needs to the area.  The RC&D concept is a public involvement, driven planning and implementation process, utilizing the people of the area through committees to accomplish the goals and objectives established by the council to address the needs and concerns of the people.

The North Central RC&D Council is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of South Dakota.  The council is registered as a 501(c) (3) charitable organization with the IRS.  The council is not a service-providing organization, but rather an organization with goals and objectives to make central South Dakota a better place to live, work, and play.

The council is served by a board of directors; a diverse group who volunteer their time and efforts to assist in reaching the goals and meeting the needs of the area.  These directors represent counties, conservation districts, special interest groups and businesses, tribal agencies, municipalities, and members at large.  A RC&D coordinator and a program assistant carry out day to day business activities of the council.

A key component in setting and achieving the goals of the area is to utilize the involvement of all people throughout North Central South Dakota.  By surveying individuals, agencies, and special interest groups, the council is able to compile, identify, and prioritize important issues and concerns in the North Central area.  The 2011 goals include but not limited to:

  • land conservation
  • water management
  • community development
  • land management

With the continued support from individuals, agencies, and organizations, the North Central RC&D will continue to reach the goals and meet the needs of the people in our area to make central South Dakota a better place to live, work, and play.


The North Central RC&D Association will implement a rural development plan in central South Dakota to help address the priority environmental, social, and economic problems.


The North Central RC&D Association will be a leader in addressing rural development issues in central South Dakota; land and water resources will be developed and managed for a sustainable condition; educational and economic resources will be provided to help flourish and diversify the economy; the aesthetic values, quality of life, and small town atmosphere of communities located in the RC&D area will be improved; and, the trend of population decline in rural communities will be reversed. This vision will be accomplished by development and utilization of local leadership talent and by the creation of partnerships.