South Central – Planning

Types of RC&D Assistance

South Central RC&D offers three types of assistance: Technical, Financial and Grant Process Facilitation.

The goals and objectives that the South Central RC&D Council addresses in their five (5) year plan are:

Land Conservation

  • Improve Rangeland, Grassland, Forestland and Cropland
  • Improve Wildlife Habitat and Riparian Areas
  • Increase Tree Planting and Innovate Shelterbelts
  • Promote Energy Saving in Agricultural Practices
  • Reduce Soil Erosion and Sedimentations

Water Management

  • Safeguard Surface and Ground Water Quality
  • Support Dams and Ponds Restoration and Construction
  • Develop Water Resources and Improve Agri-Water Systems

Community Development

  • Improve Economic Viability for Business and Job Creation
  • Build a Future for Renewable Energy and Energy Saving
  • Develop Sustainable Agriculture Businesses
  • Enhance Community Education and Management Capacity
  • Maintain or Expand Essential Community Services and Facilities

Land Management

  • Control Noxious Weeds, Invasive Species, and Pests
  • Increase Youth Involvement in Land management
  • Enhance Recycling and Solid Waste Reductions
  • Improve Water and Waste Disposal Systems