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The Tatanka RC&D (Resource Conservation and Development) Council, is a locally-led 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization serving Corson, Dewey, Harding, Perkins, and Ziebach Counties in northwestern SD.

The RC&D program is a nation-wide U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) program administered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

The purpose of the RC&D program is to accelerate the conservation, development and utilization of natural resources, improve the general level of economic activity, and to enhance the environment and standard of living in designated RC&D areas. It improves the capability of State, tribal and local units of government and local nonprofit organizations in rural areas to plan, develop and carry out programs for resource conservation and development. The program also establishes or improves coordination systems in rural areas. Current program objectives focus on improvement of quality of life achieved through natural resources conservation and community development which leads to sustainable communities, prudent use (development), and the management and conservation of natural resources. RC&D areas are locally sponsored areas designated by the Secretary of Agriculture for RC&D technical and financial assistance program funds.


To provide social and environmental benefits, rural economic development, and an enhanced quality of life for communities and surrounding areas through cooperative efforts in RC&D project implementation.

The Tatanka Resource Conservation and Development Council envisions a partnership of local groups such as tribes, conservation districts, county boards of commissioners and municipalities working to enhance conservation of natural resources, the quality of life and rural economic development.

Tatanka RC&D helps local people obtain and coordinate technical and financial assistance as needed.

Anyone interested in bringing a need or opportunity to the attention of the Tatanka RC&D Council needs to contact our office to discuss the potential project.  After discussion, the person sponsoring the project needs to fill out a project application jointly with the Tatanka RC&D Council.  It is then, submitted to the council for approval at one of their quarterly meetings.

If you would like assistance from the RC&D office please contact us:

Tatanka RC&D Council
PO Box 68
Bison, SD  57620